March 3, 2012

The Perfume Reviews: Tease by Paris Hilton

I thank Fragrantica for opening my mind. A couple of years ago I wouldn't even consider sampling celebrity fragrances. I just assumed many things about them and boy was I wrong! Alright, not all of them are masterpieces but the best thing about the perfume world is that there is always something for everyone.

Now I have to say already that tuberoses are my favorite flowers and by far one of my favorite notes so it is natural for me to hunt around for my tuberose fix. 

That's how I came across Tease by Paris Hilton.

I am in no way a fan of Miss Hilton and I really don't read tabloids or care about celebrity news. Except when it comes to their fragrances.

It is well known that Paris Hilton's fragrances are usually located where the line between fruity florals and sugary gourmands is very thin so kudos to Parlux for venturing into the white floral world. 

I think that the real reason behind the choice of notes is to stray a little from their usual target market and appeal to women in their late twenties, thirties and so on. 

The whole marketing around the scent is different from her usual image. I have to confess that I find the bottle lovely.

Now to the good part, here are the notes:

bergamot, white peach, Fuji apple
frangipani, jasmine, tuberose
blond wood, hot sand, amber

 The author of this composition is Steve de Mercado.

Tease opens with tuberose and a syrupy fruit juice composed mainly of apple and peach. The bergamot is almost completely overpowered. One does not need to wait long for the fruits to tame down and the tuberose to shine as the queen of this composition. The jasmine is slightly noticeable, it stays in the background. At this stage I also perceive what I assume is the hot sand, turning the composition a bit rough and a tad rancid. 

Tease by Paris Hilton is classified as a Chypre Floral, although to me, it is essentially a fruity tuberose.

This Eau de Parfum has an incredible sillage that might scare those that cannot bear white florals and fascinate those that can be enchanted by their sweet, fleshy dewiness. Tease has an excellent longevity too.

I must confess that although it is quite enjoyable, Tease is not my favorite tuberose. I find the fruits too syrupy and overall the notes not being perfectly well blended together. I do wear it, because I do like it but my tuberose journey is far from being over.

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