February 4, 2013

The Mascara Files: Great Lash Waterproof by Maybelline

I am obsessed with iconic products. Of course I had to buy and try this. I love the packaging and all the hype and controversy around it. I mean look at it! All pink and green and adorable.

My eyelashes are sparse, thin and have an average length. Not bad huh? Well, the problem is that they are stick straight. Yes they point downwards. So my first and most important expectation from mascara is for it to keep my eyelashes curled. 

The first experience I had with Great Lash Waterproof was nothing short of TERRIBLE. It did hold a curl but I found that it did nothing for my eyelashes and I might as well buy one of the cheap Mexican mascaras. But I am very susceptible to marketing and I decided to try it again. This time I came to the conclusion that this mascara is ideal for an every day natural look. Great Lash Waterproof holds a curl perfectly (if that is your concern) but do not expect drama from it.

You will get a bit of volume and a bit of length with this mascara but that is about it. I find the brush to be very well designed. It is easy to work with, compared to the massive brushes that are have been so trendy in the last years. I also like that it is very affordable, even when I see other Maybelline mascaras prices constantly going higher.

So, in conclusion it is an OK mascara, period. Not excellent, not terrible, just does the work fine enough. I wish it were a little bit more buildable, I notice that I have to rush to apply the second coat because otherwise it would start clumping. I also wish it was a bit easier to remove, like other Maybelline mascaras, such as Colossal Waterproof and Falsies Waterproof. Anyway, my Nivea waterproof eye makeup remover does the job pretty well. 

I personally want more dramatic eyelashes so that is why I have not consistently purchased Great Lash Waterproof. But I do recommend it as a basic mascara. I wish its flankers Great Lash Big and Great Lash Lots of Lashes came in waterproof versions as well, because washable ones are for me completely useless. On second thought, I think I will be avoiding Maybelline, given that I am trying to buy only cruelty free products. 

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